Kassbohrer sets new standards in safety and efficiency with its recognized innovations. Taking into account the complexity of dangerous goods transportation, this should not be underestimated. As in this segment, it is essential to protect people's lives and health and to ward off risks to the environment as well as to public safety. 

From bitumen to the transport of chemical goods - Kassbohrer is well equipped for these challenges and its efforts are acknowledged with an award: Kassbohrer is the winner of the Trailer Innovation Prize 2017 in the Safety category with the Kassbohrer Safety Bitumen Tanker, K.STS F 32.

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Kässbohrer's chemical tanker is the lightest chemical tanker on the market with tare weight of 6500 kg offering you the best opportunity for cost savings during your ADR compliant operations. It comes with several insulation options, including glass wool insulation of 100 mm or 150 mm thickness, stainless steel, aluminium or GRP claddings, stainless steel insulation rings and FRP end domes.

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Winner of IAA Innovation Award 2017 Category Safety, Kässbohrer’s bitumen tanker semi-trailers surpass all the expectations in the hot petrochemical goods transportation. With its award-winning wireless remote control for discharge, it creates the safest bitumen loading and discharge operations

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Compliant with ADR regulations Kässbohrer's fuel oil trailer also comes with features for advanced safety including overfill protections. Customised according to your transportation needs it can be configured with several volumes and compartment options, mechanical and electronic dipstick systems, pump, counter, hose reel, and collector.