New container carriers (skeletal trailers) arriving soon

New container carriers (skeletal trailers) arriving soon

Kässbohrer’s gooseneck light container chassis K.SHG L is engineered to handle both containers and swap bodies ranging from C45 to C55. Kässbohrer’s light chassis technology reduces its tare weight below 3.900 kg, allowing higher payload and lower fuel consumption. K.SHG L's ingenious design allows the safe and easy loading of containers with only four locks. K.SHG L offers a user-friendly operation when switching between 40 ft and 45 ft containers thanks to the design that allows switching the positioning of front container locks that eliminates the need for an extendable gooseneck.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION Chassis Made of high quality and high strength steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726-2 and ISO 1726; made of two welded longitudinal beams in "I" form with cross beams at needed distances. Chassis has 2 king-pin position. Reinforced with KTL protection with Kässbohrer expertise (10 years warranty for perforation) Brake System Antiblocking (ABS) and rolling control system suitable for UN ECE R13 regulation.EBS 2S / 2M braking system of WABCO brand with electro-pneumatic dual-circuit that contains power supply (RSS) and voltage supply (24V) through brake light Tyre Size 385/55 R22.5 Axles BPW air suspension and disc brake axle with 9 ton capacity each Electric System Aspöck Europoint III lightning installation with 24V LED side position lamp and 2 x 7 and 1 x 15 pin sockets, in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R48 and ADR Legislation Container Locks Equipped with 2 x 2 container locks suitable for carrying 1 x 45 ft HC LT container(HC containers are above the permissible height for 1150 mm and higher 5th wheel heights) TECHNICAL DATA Fifth Wheel Height (H5) 1.100 mm Gooseneck (NH) 130 mm Wheelbase (WB) 7.480 mm External Length (L) 13.340 mm Tare Weight ±%3 3.940 kg TECHNICAL CAPACITIES King Pin Capacity 15.000 kg Axle Load 27.000 kg Gross Weight 42.000 kg

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     BPW air suspension disc or drum brake axles 1 st or 1st and 3rd axle lifting with driving assistance 385 / 65 R22,5 tyres 1 unit of spare wheel and holder PWP type 1 unit plastic tool box (400 mm x 480 mm x 600 mm) 1 unit of fire extinguisher holder (without tube) ADR package Hubodometer Manometer Smartboard

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