The transportation of food, dangerous goods or even manure are addressed with a wide range of possibilities by Kassbohrer tank semi-trailers. Whether high requirements for hygiene in the food sector or the safe transportation of hazardous chemicals, the high quality of the services are essential in our idea of transportation solutions.

Kassbohrer tank semi-trailers with different volumes and specifications are optimized for different requirements and are made of stainless steel or aluminum. In addition, Kassbohrer offers you insulation or heating options that suit your needs.

Kassbohrer offers excellent, technically advanced solutions that can be used reliably for many years, even under the toughest conditions. These tank semi-trailers are the best transportation solution for your liquid goods.We care about giving you the best experience, so we make sure to build to your specification.

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Transportation of sensitive goods.

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Best quality for food transportation.

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Ideal solution between the farm and the field.